We can find ourselves rushing around chasing our tails in an increasingly fast pace, high octane environment. We may feel at times, that we never have enough hours in the day to get every chore or project that requires our attention.

This can cause a considerable stress, as we are humans and not machines. We can feel guilty if we are unable to meet dead lines, think about it, dead lines, perhaps we should be cultivating more life lines, as too many dead lines will take us to an early grave.

We have an allotted time on planet earth and so it is wise to organize our day and make priorities. At the top of our priorities should be our health, without this we are running around on half empty and not of any use to ourselves or those around us.

Time could be said to be an illusion, but meanwhile we have appointments and have to align ourselves with clock time.  There are ways you can tame time that may not seem apparent.

If our human vehicle is functioning at it`s optimum level by practicing such things as meditation, chi kung, walking in nature, treating ourselves in some way and realizing that it is an investment in our over all wellbeing.

If we press the pause button, check ourselves internally, let go of the things that are non essential, make priority lists of what needs to be done in a day, and don`t beat ourselves up if we get distracted by whatever may come up. Sometimes things happen in a way that we never planned for and on occasions we are wisest to just go with the flow.

It is said that in certain meditation and chi kung practices that we can access a field which is outside space and time.

There have been many cases where people have been under hypnosis and asked to do a task which is impossible to the rational mind in a few seconds, but whilst under hypnosis the subject felt they had hours.

Perhaps it is possible to orientate in unleashing our dormant potential without being under hypnosis.

If we don`t tame time, then time will tame us. Plant seeds in the form of actions like meditation, like slowing down our walking speed when we can, and eventually our seeds will bear fruit as we cultivate the ability to be fully present where eternity exists. Where there is all the time in the world.





Internal and External Discipline.

Many people find it challenging to cultivate discipline, external discipline has it`s roots in the heart and mind.

There are many distractions in life which lead us away from taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Why is this? people recognize intellectually that they are more likely to enjoy the fruits of their labor if they are healthy in body and mind. However, often they say they are too busy to take the time to meditate or do some sort of daily physical practice.

Our current educational model has been focused on the intellect with little or no emotional content. It is emotionally challenging for people to be consistent in some sort of daily routine. If we recognize this, we can shed light on our emotional field.

If we focus on and warm our heart region, the steam will rise and our intellect will open and initiate vision, vision of what our main priorities in life are. Our health is our wealth.

We can either approach discipline aggressively which may work for some people for a short wave of practice, or we can be more gentle on ourselves, set ourselves small daily tasks of five to ten minutes of sitting in silence, witnessing our thoughts, observing our breath, letting go of our moans, relaxing our bones.

Committing to ten minutes a day is an investment in time , we are often busy because we are stressed and our minds are racing due to a caffeine fix. Slowing down and spending a little time to take care of ourselves makes us operate more smoothly on all levels.

If we see our physical vehicle as an instrument which takes us through the journey of life it will pay enormous dividends far beyond what money can buy, and is the main form of security we have.

How would you feel if you had a daily practice for the rest of your time on planet earth?.




My first experience of travel as a teenager was when I closed my eyes, drew my finger a long a map, and where my finger landed, I decided to go and live in a tent. I had few belongings and not much funds.

Thirty years later I found that the place I had arrived was called by the Romans, place to pitch your tent`. 

This was the kind of travel I would embark on for a significant part of my life. I would just decide to go, take a few belongings, and arrive somewhere, shoestring kind of travel.

I would travel on my wits, this kind of travel sharpened my senses, I saw planet earth as a school. The earth drama school. I learned to refine my needs, I would only ever accumulate what I could at any notice let go of, or carry to the next destination. I never became attached to material belongings.

I felt a pain of not knowing the true nature of my existence, I had wondered why this was not covered in the school curriculum. I saw society as disconnected from nature, and industrialization had compromised our collective dormant faculties.

I travelled through scenes and scenarios that may warrant a book, I travelled with the rhythms of nature, this presented me with meeting many larger than life characters.

Some who were a greater influence on me either through inspiring me like the old lady who told me ` never to go for security`, that security induces rigor mortis. I took me some time as a nineteen year old who had never attended school consistently to comprehend the implications of what she meant by this.

I saw and experienced things that perhaps could only be believed if they were in a fictional novel. I met witches, wizards, and a time traveler. Oh did I really just say that?.

Yes, perhaps I would be better writing a fictional novel.

After years of intermittent hedonism I began to realize that if I wanted to continue travelling in a shoe string style, and doing hard core labor to survive, I had better focus on my health. I needed to for survival reasons.

Initially I did all the fire yang martial arts, like karate, judo, tae kwon do. Also boxing. It was when I discovered yoga, tai chi, and chi kung that the whole view on mechanistic, goal orientated training changed dramatically.

The kind of travel where you are living where you are travelling, rather than just visiting in the sense that you have a home to go back to is quite different. Wherever you sleep is your home. I would travel along lay lines like the ancients. I eventually saw the earth as a living breathing organism. The sacred sites, like acupressure points.

I began to immerse myself in literature that was like food to a hungry wolf who had been starved most of it`s life.

I had never read much in school. I would read avidly on my breaks while digging ditches, or washing mountains of dishes, or picking fruit, or sweeping streets, or doing various forms of manual labor.

Travel opened my mind beyond it`s cultural conditioning. I would recommend it to anyone.

To be continued.




The nature of internal and external communication has always fascinated me. It was in my early years that I made observations concerning the differences between internal and external communication.

A person`s mind can be filled with knowledge to the degree it curtails their vision.

A person`s mind can be filled with facts and figures, divisions, measurements that it prevents them from seeing the whole. There is a distinct difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is not something that can so easily be passed on in the same way as knowledge. Wisdom can only be attained through experience.

I developed techniques quite early in life to navigate around the conditioned mind. I viewed the mind and thoughts as tangible in as the predominant thoughts can be seen written on the face and stature of a person.

I recognized that there were trigger points that could be observed in the minds of those whose orientation had been to fill their minds with facts and figures. Those whose minds had been taken along certain tracks which where conditioning had taken place, and beliefs about the nature of reality had been fed to them via mainstream education.

The trigger points have always fascinated me. If a person`s mind has been taken along certain tracks and there has been no exploration of the emotional terrain, when exposed to information outside the framework of their conditioning, an emotion arises and clouds the ability to express themselves coherently.

In our time the intellect has been developed but the emotions still remain in a child like stage of development. When presented with different information which contradicts the programme, even the most sophisticated intellect can in a heated moment resort to child like behavior. This is what we can observe in many of our political leaders.

Over time I learned to develop internal discipline. I didn’t need to be seen, heard or understood. I respected that many of those around me had not shared the same life experience.

I recognized that when communicating with certain kinds of people, you were in fact communicating with a crowd of people, directly due to there being no internal discipline and ability to contain and hold information.

To be continued.





Trust is an interesting quality, there are varying levels and areas in life where trust plays a vital role.

If we are around others who we can fully trust not to judge our weaknesses or short comings, who we can trust with our inner most secrets, an opening occurs and we can relax fully.

On a personal level I have been in all sorts of environments on my journey through life, some where there was wheeling and dealing, ducking and diving, not through choice consciously where trust was seen as a weakness. To be too trusting in certain environments is an opening for certain parties to pull a fast one as they say.

I developed the ability to screen people quite quickly often for survival reasons as I may be have been in a foreign country with little knowledge of the local lingo and so I picked up on the subtleties of human communication.

It may have been the communication beneath the words, an upward glance, a slight movement of posture which spoke volumes within a few seconds.

The skills I developed in these areas have often saved my life. If someone was prone to banter bordering on childish insults, or if they gossiped about others over trivialities I would often see them as a container or vessel of information.

If they had no inner discipline or apparent values then I was not only talking to them, but I was talking to the crowd they would potentially squawk to, so they could only be trusted to hold a certain amount of information.

I observed trigger points in the minds of those who had been conditioned and viewed them as no go areas. I saw no point in interfering with someone if they had been programmed. There was little point, as they were not open or empty enough to hear what could be said, and some times the information could potentially blow a fuse in their mind and so I never found it appropriate to do this.

Often people travel together and they don’t really know each other fully as friends, they have never been in situations of crisis together and often this can come up abroad.

I have seen many friends, and couples part when they travel together because situations arise where they see each other more fully and perhaps are shocked at what they see in themselves and the other.

Everyone has shortcomings, but often people screen each other and only see the short comings and don’t see beyond them. Trust is cultivated when people accept each other how they are. To come across a person with such qualities is like a rare jewel.

I always have kept an inner sanctuary where no other human can enter. Where trust is cultivated in the creator of the grand scheme.

Trust is a fine quality.  A community which potentially explores the anatomy of trust is vital in a world where values are being undermined.

` Nature Sees You`..


I remember watching a documentary about Kiko the gorilla who had learned sign language and was able to communicate about profound matters concerning the human race.

She apologized for saying that on the one hand she loved humans but basically felt that they were insane because of the way that humanity is destroying the planet.

I found this fascinating on many levels.  That this gorilla had always had the capacity to communicate, but had taken steps or been encouraged to learn a completely different language and had the ability to convey a deeply profound mess

I pondered this message that nature could see us and considered some of my own life experience with animals, that they do have senses that humans do not process directly because of our mechanistic way of life in cities compromising our latent abilities to do such things as feel a storm coming long before it can be seen and felt physically.

I considered a book I had read about an allopathic doctor who had a vacation in Australia and was taken in to the desert with the ancient aboriginal elders who called modern humans  mutants, because we were in a trance, sleep walking and completely out of touch with the rhythms of nature.

The aboriginals taught the Doctor about the ancient healing arts and had called her through the dream time and had come to meet her, knowing where she would be without conventional methods of communication.

Are modern humans who are predominantly operating with the left brain not open to the possibility that animals and plants can communicate with us telepathically?.

I pondered the ancient practitioners of Taoism and Qi Gong, slow movements in alignment with nature. The ancients were perhaps not only observing animals and mimicking their movements, but being taught by them in other more profound ways.

Often I go on walks and a Heron will show up at the spot where I have stopped and in its own way I sometimes feel is communicating on many levels that perhaps before I have not been open to.



Moving slowly with awareness is the antitheses of rushing frantically through an increasingly fast pace world. Slow movement has a variety of potent health benefits.

Our physical bodies are vehicles for the spirit which take us through the journey of life. They have to last a lifetime and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor if we take care of them.


In the practice of slow movement in combination with slow conscious breathing enables the blood to flow more efficiently around our systems. The more efficiently the blood flows through our veins, the more energy and chi which is a universal life force can energize our system.

Oxygenated blood flowing through the human organism can give us energy, instead of feeling taxed after more aerobic exercise which can eventually cause wear and tear on the joints and be a strain on the heart.


In cities around the globe many people suffer from stress and anxiety and are constantly on fight or flight mode. In slow movement when performing the movements of Tai Chi or Chi Kung the nervous system switches from sympathetic, fight or flight, to parasympathetic, which is the calming and restorative element of the nervous system.

Regular practice of Chi Kung can influence the nervous system long after practice class. Leaving the participant more focused and in the zone.


The skeletal system provides the mains support for the balance and stability of the body protecting the internal organs. Slow movement can increase strength, growth and density of the bones.

Slow weight bearing exercise increases the natural flow of lubricants around the knee joints like synovial fluid enhancing a more free range of movements. Bending and slowly sinking and rising movements can increase bone strength in a gentle manner without the hard impact of some more aggressive sports which can take their toll on the joints and bones.

There are a wide variety of other health benefits when performing slow movements such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Moving slowly in general can radically  improve our quality of life and alter our relation to life and our relations with other people.

We are able to be more present and take in our surrounding environment and notice the subtleties around us. Within human communication we can observe the nuances that otherwise may go unnoticed if our mind is cluttered and distracted by over thinking.

Moving slowly in general can radically  improve our quality of life and alter our relation to life and our relations with other people.

In ancient texts of Taoism it mentions that when a person is stiff in mind and body they invite death to come closer.

When movements are soft and fluid in body and mind it encourages life force to run freely through our system.