via Daily Prompt: Triumph

I feel prompted to recall all the triumphs on my journey around the global mulberry bush on my shoe string travels, often without shoe strings.

From a teenager I would pick up a small bag, draw my finger a long a map and travel to where it had landed.

I swept streets, dug ditches, did mountains of dishes, broke rocks, picked fruit, factories, building sites, etc. sprinkled with spices from a remote Tibetan village where herbs are picked in harmony with the movements of the stars.,

I recall walking on beams on a building site in London which was above a railway track and somehow managing to overcome my fear of heights. The meow factor.

I recall overlooking the Dead Sea from  Kibbutz in Israel on a full moon where the salt sea reflected the moon`s sigh, feeling the meow factor.

I felt a fusion of dizziness and sickness when I stood in front of my first class teaching yoga. This was similar to the amount of effort a tortoise would take to climb mount Everest after having ingested valium and wearing roller skates.

I somehow managed to overcome my fear of presenting myself in front of other members of the same species. The meow factor.

The meow factor eventually taught me to let go and go with the flow in many areas of life, to let go of self editing, to trust in the scheme of grand things. To align the micro with the macrocosmic Self.



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