via Daily Prompt: Revelation

One of the many characters I have met who sticks out in my mind was one who I met in Israel in a hostel in Jerusalem. He had few possessions, the main one being a massive flag saying ‘ John 3.16.’.  I would not call myself a Christian whilst at the same time I do believe the bible is a very interesting book with a lot of wisdom in it.

This character`s name was also John, and he had travelled the world for ten years opening the flag at marches, public events like football matches and many other venues that he was either beaten or harassed.

I found his faith, conviction, and general demeanor inspiring whether I believed in the bible or not was a different matter, it was that he was willing to place himself in all sorts of challenging places and circumstances to get the message out.

Some of the people I know would call it blind faith, but somehow his faith and courage had brought him through the most challenging circumstances.

The other character that sticks in my mind whilst on a kibbutz in Israel was a character that was like a big gentle bear, he was from Los Angeles and his one of few possessions was a massive Bible, he had journeyed to Israel at the time due to prophecy and felt like he wanted to be in the eye of the storm.

Many other westerners had left at the time because of the Gulf war.  The bear and I were able to stand the heat and work like dogs at the time so we were often placed working together as a team. We would cut mountains of sacks full of dates and empty them in to trucks in the baking sun.

I pondered some whilst in Israel how prophets were able to see far off in to the future and share their visions often with astounding accuracy. In the book of revelations it talks about the number of the beast and how their would be a time in human history where people would not be able to buy without the number.

To be continued in book ..


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