CHAPTER ONE … Shaken But Not Stirred.


As I begin to write this book the world is on the brink of nuclear war, the news feed on social media is filled with tragic stories of human drama which can be overwhelming to the reader.

There has been no other time in human history where humans have been exposed to such an overload of information concerning global turmoil. A sensitive person can feel a sense of powerlessness and feel incapacitated to do anything.

The human organism can only take so much stress before breakdown which we are seeing increasingly in modern society.

If we are operating on half empty then we are less likely to be useful to themselves, their family, friends, or the world.

It is because of the aforementioned that I am inspired to share insights, tools, techniques that I have learned over a lifetime to assist in coping with massive upheaval, trauma and stress.

I have met many larger than life characters on life`s journey who have inspired me in various areas of life. I did most of my travels in a shoestring manner, traveling light, turning up in locations around the globe, often with little money and trusting that I would find my way.

My first experience of travel was when as a kid I would take a blue wheel barrow for a journey around my neighborhood. It was in the days where children would play outside for hours relatively safe, before the age of screen addiction.

. I now realize how fortunate I was to grow up at this time before computers which seem to have hijacked the childhood of many modern kids. I would wander aimlessly embarking on ventures with the wheelbarrow which I would fill with things I might find useful.

I guess I was a little devious in that I was ‘wheeling and dealing’ from an early age, I ​would ask neighbors to borrow money for my mother`s dinner. I would visit the local bus terminus where the drivers would pay me to say strange words which they found humorous. I remember thinking at the time that it was an easy way to make enough money for ice cream.

I would often saunter down to the local ice-cream van and if I didn’t have any cash I would just stand and stare giving the driver ` the look’. The look was my early version of the Jedi look, obviously before Star Wars had been invented.

I would stand and observe the comings and goings of the queue, once everyone had left the driver would have succumb and give me an ice-cream always saying that this was the last time and not to tell anyone else.

Now this chapter is supposed to be about the potency of shaking, but I have obviously gone off in a tangent, tangents have their place in the grand scheme of things. There is nothing like a good old tangent to assist one in recognizing the fruits of going along with the flow.

Going along with the flow, as things come arise is something I just had to learn how to do early in life as there was major turbulence going on inside the home I was raised in. I couldn’t have survived unless I went along with the flow, and the flow was chaos, shaking is by its nature in my view also about shaking many other things up in life, not just the body.

Shaking is about shaking up fixed attitudes about many things we take for granted. Surely the world is in a desperate state and unless we shake things up things may never improve.

Perhaps we need to shake up our views on education, industry, human communication, health, relationships,  mediums of exchange, and that is really what this book will be about, suggesting viable alternatives. I have the distinct feeling that if we don`t change our ways, then we won’t have any earth left to shake on.


Take a deep breath, and pause for the next bit….




My first suggestion is that intermittently throughout the day , you step away from the screen, take a few deep breaths and shake your whole body if you are able. Some may just do gentle shaking and some may need to shake more intensely. This practice is simple, accessible and potent on many levels.


Shaking gets the whole body moving from static mode of meeting too many deadlines, to shaking mode where the blood flows, energy goes where the blood flows. Shaking will energize you. Shaking is a potent stress release. Shaking is a lifeline.

Our minds can be so filled with global issues, projects, deadlines, that we need a life line that takes us from the mind and gives us a different perspective.

I was introduced to the practice of shaking around ten years ago. I had heard that it has cured or alleviated the pain and trauma of a considerable amount of people.

I met one lady who it had helped with her M.E.  Before shaking she had been unable to get around that much and was spending most of her time in bed. She began shaking and everything that was static in her system began flowing and moving. The fluids in her body ran more smoothly and she became increasingly energized.

People go on shaking retreats and shake for hours over a weekend or week period. I must confess I have never done this. The most I have shaken is an hour or so. I would recommend starting off with a few minutes consistently throughout the day.

Shakings potency is in it`s simplicity, but the mind is so full with knowledge, facts, figures, that it is easy to overlook it and desire something more complicated for solutions.

I can`t stress enough that I studied various forms of exercise most of my life and for people who find it challenging to move, shaking is the real deal.









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