One of the many books I have read which had a major impact on me was the account of a seven year old girl whose parents were taken by Nazis, she was taken in by people who were considering handing her in and so she decided to escape to the forest in the midst of winter.

She didn’t have sufficient clothing and no provisions, and wandered in the icy cold taking shelter wherever she could find it.  Half starving, she would steal food from local farms or eat berries and anything she could find from nature.

The drive to survive must have been strong in her, eventually she became friends with wolves who took her in and fed her. They would regurgitate food for her and she had to learn the intricacies of the pack hierarchy in order to be accepted and survive.

The wolves became her family, she learned in her own way to communicate with them. Sadly one day a hunter killed the alpha male and the female died shortly after. The girl was distraught and wandered again through the wilderness often witnessing from a distance the horrors war.

Eventually she joined a group of street children and stayed with them on the edge of a town.  Upon returning to civilization,‘ she found the mask wearing, gossip, bickering over trivialities , and  general human interaction extremely challenging to deal with.

I found it challenging to believe this story at first, what convinced me of it`s possibility was seeing the picture of current human family in the back of the book.

The woman said that she preferred the  company of wolves to humans as obviously they were more authentic and had no hidden agendas or complexes due to living in modern day cities.

This interests me on several levels, often in the western world, people are closer to their animals than humans, people often meet each other and socialize through their animals.

People trust each other more if they are seen with a dog. This is a peculiar state of affairs considering humans are supposed to be more evolved. Who is more evolved really?.

A considerable amount of people look to animals for solace, they protect us, they guide the blind and are loyal way beyond most humans.

Humans are most peculiar creatures. Perhaps the human race needs to slow down its pace and take lessons from the animal kingdom.




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