Have you ever taken the time to pause and take quotes from those around you?, have you ever paused and looked around you in every city and social setting a considerable amount of souls are staring in to black boxes?.

Where the attention goes the energy flows.  People`s attention span has been shortened quite dramatically over the past forty to fifty years.

I have had quite a number of school teachers inform me that the pupils are more agitated and less able to focus on studies due to being plugged in.

This is due to many factors, the high octane fast pace harem scarem movies people are exposed to, the language of the media is all about exaggeration, making things appear to be more interesting than they seem due to the increasingly shorter attention spans.

How does this influence human relationships?. I have often witnessed the younger generation socializing whilst on facebook. In other words the devices are taken to meals, pubs, cafes and clubs.

Often I witness young people, but not only young, with their faces glued to screens whilst also interacting.

People are under pressure due to the above factors to appear more interesting and exaggerate on what their ventures have been. This initiates stress subconsciously.

What are the solutions?,

First step is to be aware of your span of attention, and where it has a deficit. The solutions are simple, bring awareness to the time allocated to the screen world.

Step two, attempt to shorten your time spent plugged in, or put the devices aside when you are interacting with other members of the same species It is a mark of respect.

Screen less human interaction is more cozy, more inviting, more human, than transhuman.

Step three, take a step outside towards nature and embark on a radical adventure without the screen being involved. I realize this is quite a dramatic change, but it will bear fruits that are priceless.

Stage four, is knock at the door of a snore that is induced by cultivating a short attentions span.


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