I have met many fascinating larger than life characters on life`s journey, I may include some of them within this blog and include them in a book.

It was when I was around sixteen and I was knocking around with this slightly older guy who was visiting from Ireland. He would deserve another chapter as he was quite a character of kind I had never came across until then.

He was sharper and more street wise, we had been exploring the neighborhood and we ventured up an alley for no particular reason.

As we approached the door of a building it did something which doors can do, it opened to present us with a character which looked pretty much like radar from the series Mash on television at the time.

It was as though he had expected our arrival and invited us in for tea and biscuits. We entered the spiritualist church, and after the wagging of chins, and the exchange of niceties, he took us both downstairs and started playing the piano.

To our amazement he played intricately songs that he never knew  with his conscious mind, that were our favorite songs. In other words he played songs, one particular Seasons in the Sun, and my other friends  grandfather`s favorite piano tune.

He did this without communicating to us verbally, asking us about our favorite music etc. After he played those songs he told us many things about our lives that he could not have known,  he talked about our challenges, what had brought us to this stage where we met him and possible options.

I don`t think I fully digested what he shared with  us until years later along with contemplating how he could have been able to read us to the level of playing our favorite songs.

This had been one of my first introductions to the possibility that there was more to life than could be seen with the naked eye.

The shoe string style of travelling I was to embark on  throughout most of my life brought me in contact with a variety of characters with supernormal abilities. Gypsies, witches, wizards, and such like, many of whom look externally quite normal and are not presenting themselves to the world as such.

My studies later in life indicated that contacting the spirit world can be a distraction on the journey to Self realization. It is not something I have sought to do.

However,  I will always remember  Radar as I called him, as in his own way he was well motivated and assisting others to realize that their loved ones are around them, and that death is a rebirth to another realm. Death and birth are close relations.

I have met many mediums and clairvoyants in my time, but none quite with that refined ability and humble nature.






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