What is meant by the force in Star Wars, and how can it be with us?. Is it the universal creator force that permeates all atoms?. How can this force be with one person more than another?. Is there any actions we can do to align with it?.

It`s definitely a peculiar state of affairs on planet earth, there are undoubtedly those who seem to align with what could best be described as evil knowingly. It seems to be a food source for those souls.

In the grand scheme of things perhaps on some level those who seem to orientate with making profit from war and illness are playing a part no matter how heinous in order for the human race to see it self more clearly until it learns the lessons it needs to.

We can never see the full background of events that has led a person to undertake questionable actions. We aren’t able from the relative perspective to see the totality of an action or event. All souls were children once, and who knows what happened to them to initiate a negative change in behavior.

I often feel that external events can be a manifestation of what is going on internally both individually and collectively. One might say that storms, earth quakes are outer expressions of internal turmoil.

I remember one time when doing a fast at a center in Hawaii quite far in to the fast it was Christmas eve which was a challenge not eating due to cultural conditioning. Someone shot his wife across the road from where I was fasting and fireworks were going off all night, and I mean all night.

The sirens, the screams, the fireworks, were definitely not what I had planned consciously to experience during a retreat.  However this is what happened and I was more concerned for the safety of the woman.

Christmas obviously brings things to the surface for many people, as a fast does, we release toxins and traumas. Things don’t always go the way we plan, in times like the fast I did I had a choice to either get more upset, more turmoil or try and be at some level of peace in the midst of a storm.

Whilst I was on the fast a Native American who was in a wheel chair came in with his family who had Gulf War Syndrome. He was an extremely interesting and inspiring character, we shared a few peace pipes together which wasn’t included in the protocol of the fast.

In many respects our interaction and sharing was supportive to us both.  I helped push him around a David Wolfe seminar where there was the most delicious raw food served.

Believe me it was tempting to break the fast at that point. Dharma, or the assisting of others without the desire for personal gain can assist the force in being with us.

If we respect animals and nature, then animal and nature is with us and for us.

The ancient Taoists would observe animals in nature and the circles and spirals of the universe and the force would have certainly been with them.

May the force be with you…





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