` Nature Sees You`..


I remember watching a documentary about Kiko the gorilla who had learned sign language and was able to communicate about profound matters concerning the human race.

She apologized for saying that on the one hand she loved humans but basically felt that they were insane because of the way that humanity is destroying the planet.

I found this fascinating on many levels.  That this gorilla had always had the capacity to communicate, but had taken steps or been encouraged to learn a completely different language and had the ability to convey a deeply profound mess

I pondered this message that nature could see us and considered some of my own life experience with animals, that they do have senses that humans do not process directly because of our mechanistic way of life in cities compromising our latent abilities to do such things as feel a storm coming long before it can be seen and felt physically.

I considered a book I had read about an allopathic doctor who had a vacation in Australia and was taken in to the desert with the ancient aboriginal elders who called modern humans  mutants, because we were in a trance, sleep walking and completely out of touch with the rhythms of nature.

The aboriginals taught the Doctor about the ancient healing arts and had called her through the dream time and had come to meet her, knowing where she would be without conventional methods of communication.

Are modern humans who are predominantly operating with the left brain not open to the possibility that animals and plants can communicate with us telepathically?.

I pondered the ancient practitioners of Taoism and Qi Gong, slow movements in alignment with nature. The ancients were perhaps not only observing animals and mimicking their movements, but being taught by them in other more profound ways.

Often I go on walks and a Heron will show up at the spot where I have stopped and in its own way I sometimes feel is communicating on many levels that perhaps before I have not been open to.




Moving slowly with awareness is the antitheses of rushing frantically through an increasingly fast pace world. Slow movement has a variety of potent health benefits.

Our physical bodies are vehicles for the spirit which take us through the journey of life. They have to last a lifetime and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor if we take care of them.


In the practice of slow movement in combination with slow conscious breathing enables the blood to flow more efficiently around our systems. The more efficiently the blood flows through our veins, the more energy and chi which is a universal life force can energize our system.

Oxygenated blood flowing through the human organism can give us energy, instead of feeling taxed after more aerobic exercise which can eventually cause wear and tear on the joints and be a strain on the heart.


In cities around the globe many people suffer from stress and anxiety and are constantly on fight or flight mode. In slow movement when performing the movements of Tai Chi or Chi Kung the nervous system switches from sympathetic, fight or flight, to parasympathetic, which is the calming and restorative element of the nervous system.

Regular practice of Chi Kung can influence the nervous system long after practice class. Leaving the participant more focused and in the zone.


The skeletal system provides the mains support for the balance and stability of the body protecting the internal organs. Slow movement can increase strength, growth and density of the bones.

Slow weight bearing exercise increases the natural flow of lubricants around the knee joints like synovial fluid enhancing a more free range of movements. Bending and slowly sinking and rising movements can increase bone strength in a gentle manner without the hard impact of some more aggressive sports which can take their toll on the joints and bones.

There are a wide variety of other health benefits when performing slow movements such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Moving slowly in general can radically  improve our quality of life and alter our relation to life and our relations with other people.

We are able to be more present and take in our surrounding environment and notice the subtleties around us. Within human communication we can observe the nuances that otherwise may go unnoticed if our mind is cluttered and distracted by over thinking.

Moving slowly in general can radically  improve our quality of life and alter our relation to life and our relations with other people.

In ancient texts of Taoism it mentions that when a person is stiff in mind and body they invite death to come closer.

When movements are soft and fluid in body and mind it encourages life force to run freely through our system.