Humans live in a high octane fast pace world where speed is king. We desire immediacy. People want things done as quickly as possible. Often when taking a journey the objective is to get to the destination as soon as.

Inorder to feel alive in this world, to feel the blood coursing through the veins people can experiment with dare devil activities. Some dice with death, jump from buildings and planes to get the high, to experience the adrenalin rush.

What if it was possible to get the same buzz from simple things in life, like taking things slowly, so slowly that one became high on the scenery. The subtleties of silence when in the presence of other members of the same species.

Does speed get us anywhere there, that is not worth taking note of here. What is it that is there that is more interesting than here?

What is it that causes us to want to rush around inorder to feel alive?

What if with all the rushing around trying to get there before we are here we are missing something critical?.

Can we ever feel settled where we are without the gadgets that take us into the next moment that does`t exsist because when we arrive we are planning to arrive at our next destination.

It is nothing new to say that being in the moment is the place to be, for sure it is not easy, when alone with no other soul around we can feel an emptiness, isolated, something needs to fill the gap.

Perhaps if we dig deeper, there is a jewel hidden in the moment we find ourselves in.

Stuck in traffic, we can desperately want to get home, things in our way are obstacles, so where there is an opportunity we put the foot down.


It may be an interesting exploration to do something radical, revolutionary, to get the most intense adrenaline rush from something we have not taken the time to notice something right under our noses. Something close to our bones.

Eternity, if we care to slow down, all past present and future exsist simultaneously within the here and now. Try observing a purple flower in a vast sea of green. It may be possible someone or something has taken the time to create it especially for your entertainment.




We live in a world full of opposites perceived by the mind through thoughts. The mind is divisive by nature. Good, bad, right wrong, happy and sad are all dualistic constructs of the mind when observing external phenomena.

From the day we are born we are given encouragement to express certain emotional states over others. We are poked and prodded to stimulate joy and laughter response constantly by our parents.

On the other hand a child expressing anger or sadness is discouraged especially in public places as these emotions are not socially acceptable. When we are adults we collectively suppress emotion and use various methods to release or relieve the stress this causes.

We live in a phase of human history where people collectively enter buildings and pay hard earned money to an individual who stimulates one emotion within the audience for an hour or two.

A comedian will poke and prod the mind of the audience, sometimes insulting an individual because this is the latest trend in what is perceived to be humour.

The comedian may be under the influence of substances to enhance his or her ability to perform like a seal, and then feel the stresses and strains of his performance later. Often comedians suffer the most depression because of this pressure.

The audience will then leave the above building and enter another where they pay more hard earned cash to consume liquids which sedate their emotions and they will often continue the trend of ridicule within social banter.

The following day, the collective internal organs will suffer a hangover, many will visit another individual called a doctor who will often offer pills for the damage done to the internal organs and assist in sedating feelings of isolation, lonliness and an inability to cope.

An increasing amount of the population suffer various forms of addiction due to the traumas experienced in life and being unable to find a place to express their true feelings.

We can see events as either good or bad, however sometimes it is in the depths of despair or in the midst of a storm that we can retrieve gold. We can be humbled by a realisation that would never have taken place if we had not drawn on our latent abilities in a crisis situation.

Perhaps we could view every human emotion as being equal and allowed ourselves to feel anger, sadness, confusion as being essential parts of being humans in life`s drama we would transcend the dualistic nature of the mind.

In life`s drama on the earth school there will inevitably be challenging events that come in our direction. The less we identifiy with ourselves as being separate, isolated individuals swayed by circumstances which overwhelm us.

We have the potential to dig deeper within ourselves and explore what life teaches us even in the most dire of situations.

If we can master this, then perhaps we orientate towards transcending duality on a basic practical level.