Cassandra was a complex individual who had the gift of prophecy. This caused her much frustration and confusion in her life because those around her were not able to see beyond her weaknesses.

She could see many things that she would never speak of as she knew those around her were not able to comprehend her visions.

On new moons she would travel to sacred stone circles and fall in to the deepest of sleep where she would dream of being an indigo coloured butterfly whose wing would swing causing ripples across rivers of rhyme.

The butterfly conveyed to her that they were both connected through time and space on a soul level and their dreams of each other were just as real as reality could be.

The butterfly dreamed of being Cassandra and Cassandra dreamed of being a butterfly, they both understood each other intimately.

They spoke more freely of how all beings were interconnected, but many were under the illusion of separation in time and space.

`I feel your frustrations because you are never understood` said the butterfly,

` I flap my wings in great sympathy and it sends ripples across the universe which is felt on a soul level by all butterflies who also flap their wings and other creatures who are in pain from not being understood which creates an energy field felt on a conscious and unconscious level by all creatures on planet earth`.

A hurricane that appeared to many to come from nowhere swept across a major city literally throwing cars, trees were uprooted .

In the midst of the storm a small creature just happened to pass by. It was Elsa the caterpillar who sauntered up to the windswept couple.

` It can be in the depths of great storms that we can see what has been lurking beneath the surface more clearly` mentioned Elsa,

` Storms, the quaking of the earth, floods are all manifestations of collective emotional turbulence`, he added.

One could `nt help noticing that Elsa was in visible pain as she was in the process of transformation.

` The harsh judgements, the critisisms, the lost hopes and fears, jealousies and repressed anger all come together in an energy field which cause upheaval and unrest inorder to clear away the brocken debri of unknowing` Elsa was quite obviously in the flow by now.

` Ofcourse you have heard it all before, love is the key, but in a world with such upheaval, thats not always so easy to embrace, anger and fear have their place. It is wise to recognise that when you focus on the weakness in the other, you feed them in yourself and eventually as you can see, it gets quite strormy`..

Elsa said his goodbyes and strolled on by. The butterly, who indcidently was Elsa`s future self , as was Cassandra, all appeared to on the surface to go on their own way.