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One of the many characters I have met who sticks out in my mind was one who I met in Israel in a hostel in Jerusalem. He had few possessions, the main one being a massive flag saying ‘ John 3.16.’.  I would not call myself a Christian whilst at the same time I do believe the bible is a very interesting book with a lot of wisdom in it.

This character`s name was also John, and he had travelled the world for ten years opening the flag at marches, public events like football matches and many other venues that he was either beaten or harassed.

I found his faith, conviction, and general demeanor inspiring whether I believed in the bible or not was a different matter, it was that he was willing to place himself in all sorts of challenging places and circumstances to get the message out.

Some of the people I know would call it blind faith, but somehow his faith and courage had brought him through the most challenging circumstances.

The other character that sticks in my mind whilst on a kibbutz in Israel was a character that was like a big gentle bear, he was from Los Angeles and his one of few possessions was a massive Bible, he had journeyed to Israel at the time due to prophecy and felt like he wanted to be in the eye of the storm.

Many other westerners had left at the time because of the Gulf war.  The bear and I were able to stand the heat and work like dogs at the time so we were often placed working together as a team. We would cut mountains of sacks full of dates and empty them in to trucks in the baking sun.

I pondered some whilst in Israel how prophets were able to see far off in to the future and share their visions often with astounding accuracy. In the book of revelations it talks about the number of the beast and how their would be a time in human history where people would not be able to buy without the number.

To be continued in book ..


CHAPTER ONE … Shaken But Not Stirred.


As I begin to write this book the world is on the brink of nuclear war, the news feed on social media is filled with tragic stories of human drama which can be overwhelming to the reader.

There has been no other time in human history where humans have been exposed to such an overload of information concerning global turmoil. A sensitive person can feel a sense of powerlessness and feel incapacitated to do anything.

The human organism can only take so much stress before breakdown which we are seeing increasingly in modern society.

If we are operating on half empty then we are less likely to be useful to themselves, their family, friends, or the world.

It is because of the aforementioned that I am inspired to share insights, tools, techniques that I have learned over a lifetime to assist in coping with massive upheaval, trauma and stress.

I have met many larger than life characters on life`s journey who have inspired me in various areas of life. I did most of my travels in a shoestring manner, traveling light, turning up in locations around the globe, often with little money and trusting that I would find my way.

My first experience of travel was when as a kid I would take a blue wheel barrow for a journey around my neighborhood. It was in the days where children would play outside for hours relatively safe, before the age of screen addiction.

. I now realize how fortunate I was to grow up at this time before computers which seem to have hijacked the childhood of many modern kids. I would wander aimlessly embarking on ventures with the wheelbarrow which I would fill with things I might find useful.

I guess I was a little devious in that I was ‘wheeling and dealing’ from an early age, I ​would ask neighbors to borrow money for my mother`s dinner. I would visit the local bus terminus where the drivers would pay me to say strange words which they found humorous. I remember thinking at the time that it was an easy way to make enough money for ice cream.

I would often saunter down to the local ice-cream van and if I didn’t have any cash I would just stand and stare giving the driver ` the look’. The look was my early version of the Jedi look, obviously before Star Wars had been invented.

I would stand and observe the comings and goings of the queue, once everyone had left the driver would have succumb and give me an ice-cream always saying that this was the last time and not to tell anyone else.

Now this chapter is supposed to be about the potency of shaking, but I have obviously gone off in a tangent, tangents have their place in the grand scheme of things. There is nothing like a good old tangent to assist one in recognizing the fruits of going along with the flow.

Going along with the flow, as things come arise is something I just had to learn how to do early in life as there was major turbulence going on inside the home I was raised in. I couldn’t have survived unless I went along with the flow, and the flow was chaos, shaking is by its nature in my view also about shaking many other things up in life, not just the body.

Shaking is about shaking up fixed attitudes about many things we take for granted. Surely the world is in a desperate state and unless we shake things up things may never improve.

Perhaps we need to shake up our views on education, industry, human communication, health, relationships,  mediums of exchange, and that is really what this book will be about, suggesting viable alternatives. I have the distinct feeling that if we don`t change our ways, then we won’t have any earth left to shake on.


Take a deep breath, and pause for the next bit….




My first suggestion is that intermittently throughout the day , you step away from the screen, take a few deep breaths and shake your whole body if you are able. Some may just do gentle shaking and some may need to shake more intensely. This practice is simple, accessible and potent on many levels.


Shaking gets the whole body moving from static mode of meeting too many deadlines, to shaking mode where the blood flows, energy goes where the blood flows. Shaking will energize you. Shaking is a potent stress release. Shaking is a lifeline.

Our minds can be so filled with global issues, projects, deadlines, that we need a life line that takes us from the mind and gives us a different perspective.

I was introduced to the practice of shaking around ten years ago. I had heard that it has cured or alleviated the pain and trauma of a considerable amount of people.

I met one lady who it had helped with her M.E.  Before shaking she had been unable to get around that much and was spending most of her time in bed. She began shaking and everything that was static in her system began flowing and moving. The fluids in her body ran more smoothly and she became increasingly energized.

People go on shaking retreats and shake for hours over a weekend or week period. I must confess I have never done this. The most I have shaken is an hour or so. I would recommend starting off with a few minutes consistently throughout the day.

Shakings potency is in it`s simplicity, but the mind is so full with knowledge, facts, figures, that it is easy to overlook it and desire something more complicated for solutions.

I can`t stress enough that I studied various forms of exercise most of my life and for people who find it challenging to move, shaking is the real deal.










via Daily Prompt: Triumph

I feel prompted to recall all the triumphs on my journey around the global mulberry bush on my shoe string travels, often without shoe strings.

From a teenager I would pick up a small bag, draw my finger a long a map and travel to where it had landed.

I swept streets, dug ditches, did mountains of dishes, broke rocks, picked fruit, factories, building sites, etc. sprinkled with spices from a remote Tibetan village where herbs are picked in harmony with the movements of the stars.,

I recall walking on beams on a building site in London which was above a railway track and somehow managing to overcome my fear of heights. The meow factor.

I recall overlooking the Dead Sea from  Kibbutz in Israel on a full moon where the salt sea reflected the moon`s sigh, feeling the meow factor.

I felt a fusion of dizziness and sickness when I stood in front of my first class teaching yoga. This was similar to the amount of effort a tortoise would take to climb mount Everest after having ingested valium and wearing roller skates.

I somehow managed to overcome my fear of presenting myself in front of other members of the same species. The meow factor.

The meow factor eventually taught me to let go and go with the flow in many areas of life, to let go of self editing, to trust in the scheme of grand things. To align the micro with the macrocosmic Self.




One of the many books I have read which had a major impact on me was the account of a seven year old girl whose parents were taken by Nazis, she was taken in by people who were considering handing her in and so she decided to escape to the forest in the midst of winter.

She didn’t have sufficient clothing and no provisions, and wandered in the icy cold taking shelter wherever she could find it.  Half starving, she would steal food from local farms or eat berries and anything she could find from nature.

The drive to survive must have been strong in her, eventually she became friends with wolves who took her in and fed her. They would regurgitate food for her and she had to learn the intricacies of the pack hierarchy in order to be accepted and survive.

The wolves became her family, she learned in her own way to communicate with them. Sadly one day a hunter killed the alpha male and the female died shortly after. The girl was distraught and wandered again through the wilderness often witnessing from a distance the horrors war.

Eventually she joined a group of street children and stayed with them on the edge of a town.  Upon returning to civilization,‘ she found the mask wearing, gossip, bickering over trivialities , and  general human interaction extremely challenging to deal with.

I found it challenging to believe this story at first, what convinced me of it`s possibility was seeing the picture of current human family in the back of the book.

The woman said that she preferred the  company of wolves to humans as obviously they were more authentic and had no hidden agendas or complexes due to living in modern day cities.

This interests me on several levels, often in the western world, people are closer to their animals than humans, people often meet each other and socialize through their animals.

People trust each other more if they are seen with a dog. This is a peculiar state of affairs considering humans are supposed to be more evolved. Who is more evolved really?.

A considerable amount of people look to animals for solace, they protect us, they guide the blind and are loyal way beyond most humans.

Humans are most peculiar creatures. Perhaps the human race needs to slow down its pace and take lessons from the animal kingdom.





Have you ever taken the time to pause and take quotes from those around you?, have you ever paused and looked around you in every city and social setting a considerable amount of souls are staring in to black boxes?.

Where the attention goes the energy flows.  People`s attention span has been shortened quite dramatically over the past forty to fifty years.

I have had quite a number of school teachers inform me that the pupils are more agitated and less able to focus on studies due to being plugged in.

This is due to many factors, the high octane fast pace harem scarem movies people are exposed to, the language of the media is all about exaggeration, making things appear to be more interesting than they seem due to the increasingly shorter attention spans.

How does this influence human relationships?. I have often witnessed the younger generation socializing whilst on facebook. In other words the devices are taken to meals, pubs, cafes and clubs.

Often I witness young people, but not only young, with their faces glued to screens whilst also interacting.

People are under pressure due to the above factors to appear more interesting and exaggerate on what their ventures have been. This initiates stress subconsciously.

What are the solutions?,

First step is to be aware of your span of attention, and where it has a deficit. The solutions are simple, bring awareness to the time allocated to the screen world.

Step two, attempt to shorten your time spent plugged in, or put the devices aside when you are interacting with other members of the same species It is a mark of respect.

Screen less human interaction is more cozy, more inviting, more human, than transhuman.

Step three, take a step outside towards nature and embark on a radical adventure without the screen being involved. I realize this is quite a dramatic change, but it will bear fruits that are priceless.

Stage four, is knock at the door of a snore that is induced by cultivating a short attentions span.



What is meant by the force in Star Wars, and how can it be with us?. Is it the universal creator force that permeates all atoms?. How can this force be with one person more than another?. Is there any actions we can do to align with it?.

It`s definitely a peculiar state of affairs on planet earth, there are undoubtedly those who seem to align with what could best be described as evil knowingly. It seems to be a food source for those souls.

In the grand scheme of things perhaps on some level those who seem to orientate with making profit from war and illness are playing a part no matter how heinous in order for the human race to see it self more clearly until it learns the lessons it needs to.

We can never see the full background of events that has led a person to undertake questionable actions. We aren’t able from the relative perspective to see the totality of an action or event. All souls were children once, and who knows what happened to them to initiate a negative change in behavior.

I often feel that external events can be a manifestation of what is going on internally both individually and collectively. One might say that storms, earth quakes are outer expressions of internal turmoil.

I remember one time when doing a fast at a center in Hawaii quite far in to the fast it was Christmas eve which was a challenge not eating due to cultural conditioning. Someone shot his wife across the road from where I was fasting and fireworks were going off all night, and I mean all night.

The sirens, the screams, the fireworks, were definitely not what I had planned consciously to experience during a retreat.  However this is what happened and I was more concerned for the safety of the woman.

Christmas obviously brings things to the surface for many people, as a fast does, we release toxins and traumas. Things don’t always go the way we plan, in times like the fast I did I had a choice to either get more upset, more turmoil or try and be at some level of peace in the midst of a storm.

Whilst I was on the fast a Native American who was in a wheel chair came in with his family who had Gulf War Syndrome. He was an extremely interesting and inspiring character, we shared a few peace pipes together which wasn’t included in the protocol of the fast.

In many respects our interaction and sharing was supportive to us both.  I helped push him around a David Wolfe seminar where there was the most delicious raw food served.

Believe me it was tempting to break the fast at that point. Dharma, or the assisting of others without the desire for personal gain can assist the force in being with us.

If we respect animals and nature, then animal and nature is with us and for us.

The ancient Taoists would observe animals in nature and the circles and spirals of the universe and the force would have certainly been with them.

May the force be with you…







I have met many fascinating larger than life characters on life`s journey, I may include some of them within this blog and include them in a book.

It was when I was around sixteen and I was knocking around with this slightly older guy who was visiting from Ireland. He would deserve another chapter as he was quite a character of kind I had never came across until then.

He was sharper and more street wise, we had been exploring the neighborhood and we ventured up an alley for no particular reason.

As we approached the door of a building it did something which doors can do, it opened to present us with a character which looked pretty much like radar from the series Mash on television at the time.

It was as though he had expected our arrival and invited us in for tea and biscuits. We entered the spiritualist church, and after the wagging of chins, and the exchange of niceties, he took us both downstairs and started playing the piano.

To our amazement he played intricately songs that he never knew  with his conscious mind, that were our favorite songs. In other words he played songs, one particular Seasons in the Sun, and my other friends  grandfather`s favorite piano tune.

He did this without communicating to us verbally, asking us about our favorite music etc. After he played those songs he told us many things about our lives that he could not have known,  he talked about our challenges, what had brought us to this stage where we met him and possible options.

I don`t think I fully digested what he shared with  us until years later along with contemplating how he could have been able to read us to the level of playing our favorite songs.

This had been one of my first introductions to the possibility that there was more to life than could be seen with the naked eye.

The shoe string style of travelling I was to embark on  throughout most of my life brought me in contact with a variety of characters with supernormal abilities. Gypsies, witches, wizards, and such like, many of whom look externally quite normal and are not presenting themselves to the world as such.

My studies later in life indicated that contacting the spirit world can be a distraction on the journey to Self realization. It is not something I have sought to do.

However,  I will always remember  Radar as I called him, as in his own way he was well motivated and assisting others to realize that their loved ones are around them, and that death is a rebirth to another realm. Death and birth are close relations.

I have met many mediums and clairvoyants in my time, but none quite with that refined ability and humble nature.